Nvidia will launch GTX 980 Ti after summer?


No rest for the wicked, just as Nvidia has released its newest flagship graphics card called GTX Titan X, according to Sweoverclockers sources the GTX 980Ti will hit the store shelves after summer probably in September.

The card will not be a stripped down version of GTX Titan, it will have the exact same number of Cuda cores (3072) but the memory will be halved, featuring 6GB compared to GTX Titan X’s 12GB.

Of course some compensation is in order, so it is expected that the card will have 10% higher GPU core clocks reaching 1100 MHz and 1200 MHz with Boost .

This is not unusual at all, Nvidia has done something similar in the past already. GTX 780 Ti 3GB was launched in November 2013 with a $699 price tag, while GTX Titan Black 6GB with the exact same specs as 780Ti was launched in February 2014 costing around $1000.

This leak (if you want to call it a leak) could be a marketing move from Nvidia in order to let their fans know that they should expect a cheaper version of Titan X, especially since benchmarks of AMD’s 390X started appearing on-line showing that the upcoming

AMD’s flagship GPU featuring 8GB of HBM memory will be on par with GTX Titan X in terms of performance. When it comes to pricing Sweoverclockers are not saying anything but it likely that Nvidia will wait to see AMD’s 390X price and performance before relegating anything.

Previous rumors have shown that R9  390X 8GB HBM will cost around $700 and it is highly unlikely that GTX 980Ti will get cheaper than that. But who knows, if R9 390X proves to be faster than the GTX Titan X. Nvidia might try and drop the prices of its high end graphics cards.

Besides the price, one more thing that might influence people when choosing their new graphics card are cooling solutions since AMD’s reference coolers on R9 290X/ 290 have proved to be a bad choice and  since it is highly likely HBM  stacked memory will produce more heat than ordinary VRAM, AMD will need to raise their game in this department.


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